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Step into a world where your commercial property dreams take tangible forms with JLJ Construction Inc. Whether you’re planning a state-of-the-art corporate headquarters, a cutting-edge industrial facility, or a sprawling retail complex, our seasoned San Diego team is your trusted partner in bringing these ambitious projects to life. With a track record of delivering monumental constructions that stand as testaments to innovation and functionality, we excel in executing large-scale projects that redefine the commercial landscape.

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New Construction for Commercial Properties

At JLJ Construction Inc., we are experts in the art of building new commercial properties from the ground up. Our seasoned team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, custom commercial buildings that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

With every project, our goal is not simply to meet, but to surpass your expectations, whether it’s in the creation of impressive new commercial properties or the meticulous renovation of existing structures. We’re here to transform your commercial space into a customized comfort, style, and functionality!

Certified Designers

We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, creating detailed plans that optimize functionality and aesthetics.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers oversee every phase of construction, ensuring that timelines and budgets are adhered to, and quality is maintained.

Commercial Construction

We leverage our skilled workforce and industry-leading practices to construct sturdy, energy-efficient, and code-compliant commercial buildings.

Corporate Headquarters

From groundbreaking designs to efficient workspace layouts, we’ve helped businesses create stunning headquarters that reflect their vision and culture.

Industrial Facilities

We specialize in constructing advanced manufacturing plants and warehouses, incorporating the latest technologies to enhance productivity.

Retail Complexes

Our portfolio includes the development of expansive shopping centers, where we’ve seamlessly blended aesthetics with practicality to create vibrant commercial hubs.

Office Renovations

We’ve revitalized traditional office spaces into modern, collaborative environments, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction.

Retail Renovations

Our team has transformed dated stores into chic, customer-friendly spaces that drive foot traffic and increase sales.

Hospitality Upgrades

We’ve upgraded hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, elevating the guest experience through elegant design and improved functionality.

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Tailored ADU & Room Addition Building

Unlock the full potential of your property with JLJ Construction Inc.’s ADU construction services in San Diego. Our seasoned team transforms your ideas into well-designed Accessory Dwelling Units, offering that much-needed extra space or a new source of income. We handle every phase diligently, ensuring your ADU project is a seamless extension of your home, blending effortlessly with your existing design. Your vision, our expertise – together, we build ADUs that are more than just spaces; they are new opportunities waiting to be explored! Learn More…


Home Remodeling & New Home Construction

Leading home remodeling contractor serving all of San Diego County. From room additions, new ADUs to kitchen and bath remodeling.

Why Choose Us

Explore top-notch custom home builds and sleek kitchen & bath remodeling. Our ADU and room expansion skills offer more space, while our hardscape and deck designs beautify your outdoors. Your dream, our plan, your new reality.

Customized Homes

Experience the thrill of personalized home builds, reflecting your unique style.

Room Expansion Expertise

Seamless room additions, breathing more life into your home.

Kitchen & Bath Mastery

Dive into elegant kitchen and bath remodeling, turning mundane into mesmerizing.

Hardscape Artistry

From flatwork concrete to innovative hardscapes, witness outdoor transformations.

ADU Experts

Specialized ADU planning and building, expanding your living space creatively. Call us today!

Deck and Pergola Creations

Enchanting deck designs and cabana pergolas, crafting your outdoor haven.


New builds, Tenant Upgrades, Ground-Up Initiatives, and Repair/Restoration ventures. Operating seamlessly in occupied and fully functional job sites, we excel in planning, managing, and executing multi-phase projects through to completion. Our journey with you will be marked by smooth communication, meticulous budgeting, efficient staffing, organized on-site coordination, and unwavering quality of work at every step.


Custom-built homes, expert remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms, specializing in the planning and construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), and room expansions! Dive into our hardscaping services, flatwork concrete solutions, and get enchanted by our deck designs and cabana pergolas.


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Expansion, Planning Perfection, and Seamless Construction. At JLJ Construction Inc., we thrive in turning your additional living space ideas into well-structured realities. Our journey from planning to execution is marked by clear communication, meticulous budgeting, skilled staffing, organized on-site management, and unwavering quality of work, ensuring your ADU project unfolds seamlessly from start to finish.

Custom Homes

Custom Residences, Tailored Home Designs, and Personalized Construction Ventures. With JLJ Construction Inc., step into a seamless journey from blueprint to brick, as we excel in building your unique visions into concrete reality. Your venture with us is paved with smooth communication, precise budgeting, adept staffing, on-site organization, and unyielding quality of work, ensuring every corner of your custom home resonates with your essence. 

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